Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Little Tour to MSAB/EC during MUET.

Hello peeps and all of readers out there,


Awat aku writing in Bahasa Omputih ni baq ang! Sebab aku nak cover balik MUET Speaking Test yang agak hancoq pagi tadi around 8.30 am today with another 3 candidates which I’m was the candidates D held at Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar as known as English Collage. All of you will says the last candidates will get more advantages such as to absorb more ideas when other candidates elaborating their own points in 2 minutes duration which is provided.

BUT that theory was not working for me!!

Because I have…

no idea gif

about the topic we discussed at the early period. So disappointed to be silent in a half of minute without a thing! How much marks lost for that error?!

No idea is cause by the remembering all the sweet memories during I was a student of English Collage a.k.a Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar JB. Seriusly. the quarantine room was held at the last class I studied in Form 3 before I went to TiJB. The class is still in same condition and I can still look the ‘Art’ on the table which is student always express their feeling or wanna left a trademark there, That how the error occur!

. conteng meja

sekadar hiasan.

Tak sempat nak ambil gambar (padahal malas nak keluar kan iFong), then after the invigilators played their own rules to explain what to do next,  I went to the toilet to done my job! Really suck to keep those SH*T until my group turn. So I’m take a little tour to the toilet and no large changes has been done to the school except there is a HALL is in under construction to be built. I think the HALL construction will be done before 2014 because in that year. it is 100th anniversary for  MSAB. All Hail Maktab! Open-mouthed smile

I’m not to tell you about what happen during the Speaking test, but after that, we all which really happy to finish that bloody test release their pressure with express own feeling to each other. They were not to bad in Speaking compare to me that just like ‘grr, how coould the ideas not came into my mind during the elaboration period! goddamnit!’ Ok fine, past is past, I still can cover it with other incoming test.

Izrul who was the CANDIDATE A and he also a good speaker for me, younger 2years than me, also joined the little tour after the test. We have a tea at the canteen and normal as a ex-student to search their own teachers. I found the not more than 5 of them but we’ve no time to talk to because they got some works to do. I kept my conversation along with Izrul. After 15 minutes, we went to co-operation school to get some souvenirs. I’ve been looking for Smily button or “Lencana Senyum” which all the students are strictly need to wear it during school time.


Fyi, I’m attracted to the EC shirt which is looks good to me. But my wallet don’t give a permission to buy it, oh! Another disappointment here! I need to keep my wallet and heart away from the attractive shirt when Izrul BOUGHT it! I’ve no option except saying goodbye to him and went back home! HAHA.

Finally, I get out from there and jalan2 sekitar bandar JB and discover the new road which assemble along the Jalan Skudai while my brain still running to solve my MUET problems!


notakakicagu: sorry for the poor grammar, just practice for upcoming MUET tasks a month from now. EC MUST LEAD.


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